Learn English!

Learn English!


English is our tool of communication and education in a multicultural environment. Come and see how easy it is to learn together with our qualified and experienced teachers who know how to keep it fun and engaging!

Fun and engaging English learning
We love to share our experience and help you master your English skills, so, come and pick the right course for you (available for any age and any level).

Why learn English with us?

10 reasons to choose Heritage Language Academy:

  • Certified and award-winning teachers
  • Conversations with native speakers
  • The unique Heritage approach
  • Cambridge and Oxford methods
  • “National Geographic” materials
  • Small groups of students
  • Courses for any level of proficiency
  • Groups for all ages
  • Online courses
  • Certificate of completion

Who are our courses for?

It's simple: our courses are intended for everyone who wants to learn English!

Applicants of all ages are welcome to study a variety of programmes, covering all four core skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking).

It doesn't matter if you don't know English at all or if you want to improve your level. Here you can study any level, from beginner to advanced (A1-C1), according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

During a course of 8 or 10 weeks you can advance by ½ level.

English language for beginners – interactive & effective

Beginner courses are suitable for those who want to start studying a new language and build a solid foundation of English.

What will you actually learn?

  • enrich your vocabulary by practicing A1-A2 level words
  • use the most common verbs
  • know the connecting words
  • make up sentences and questions
  • introduce yourself
  • know and use words correctly from various fields: family, home, food, body parts, travel, work, hobbies, etc.

General English language courses – rich content & quick results

General English courses are designed for people with an intermediate level of English who already have a foundation and want to develop it.

What will you actually learn?

  • enrich your vocabulary with more advanced words, level B1-B2
  • master the verb tenses
  • know how to pronounce correctly
  • speak fluently
  • know and correctly use new words from various fields: lifestyle, shopping, tourism, personal development, personal and professional relationships, nature, etc.

English for companies and teams - professional & personalized

Corporate English courses have been created out of a desire to provide the opportunity of improving English to legal entities or teams that want to grow and evolve together.

The main benefits of these courses are:

  • the common goal of studying unites the team better
  • you will be better prepared for interaction with international clients or partners
  • you will be able to make presentations in English
  • it will be useful for business trips abroad
  • you will enrich your vocabulary with words from your field of activity (personalized)

If you want a customized English course for the company, request the offer by filling in the form below.

We will contact you to establish your specific requirements, so as be able to customize the course according to your team's needs.

Why choose our online English courses?

The courses of the Heritage Language Academy are held in ONLINE format only, with numerous advantages:

  • application of the unique method developed by Heritage – through interactive activities and innovative digital tools
  • takes place at convenient hours (after school or work)
  • without physical presence – you participate from the comfort of your office or home
  • you save precious time because it does not require travel
  • you save the money you would otherwise spend on transport
  • you can connect from any electronic device (computer, phone, tablet)
  • you can participate from any corner of the world – even if you are on vacation or on a trip
  • you improve your digital skills using smart programs, apps and tools
  • you adapt to new forms of communication and interaction
  • you benefit from a lot of visual content, which is assimilated more quickly and easily
  • you respect social distancing and are safe – essential during the viruses and pandemic period

Schedule and fees

Group Lesson duration Lessons per week Course duration Fee (MDL)
Standard groups, 6-9 students Semi individual groups, 3-5 students
1 acad. hour Price for 1 course 1 acad. hour Price for 1 course
Juniors 1h 30 min (2 acad. hours) 3 days / week 10 weeks / 30 lessons / 60 academic hours 80 4800 100 6000
Teens 10 weeks / 30 lessons / 60 academic hours 80 4800 100 6000
Adults 8 weeks / 24 lessons / 48 academic hours 80 3840 100 4800
Corporate Conditions to be discussed individually, depending on the company’s needs.

***By the way, you don't pay anything extra! Course support including textbooks, handouts and materials used during the course are included in the price and provided by Heritage.

Heritage Language Academy courses can be paid online: Payment

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