Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Academic Calendar 2023-2024


01.09.2023 - 22.12.2023





1st September 2023

First Day of School – Open House

4th-8th September 2023

Parents Orientation Session (Primary school and Secondary School)

8th September 2023

UN International Literacy Day

15th September 2023

“A Level” student and parent induction

21st September 2023

UN International Peace Day

26th September 2023

European Day of Languages



1st-31st October 2023

Internet Safety Month

1st October 2023

International Music Day

1st-7th October 2023

Banned Books Week

3rd-7th October 2023 

COBIS Higher Education Week

5th October 2023

UN World Teachers’ Day 

6th October 2023

“A Level” Mindset Day     

7th-22nd October 2023

EU Code Week

10th-14th October 2023

World AI (Artificial Intelligence) Week 

25th September-20th October 2023  eTwinning Weeks Campaign

14th of October 2023 Chisinau City Day - Public holiday


16th October 2023

Black Sea Schools Higher Education Fair

16th-20th October 2023

World Education Week T4   

16th October 2023

World Food Day

19th October 2023

World Values Day   

23rd-25th October 2023

Media Literacy Week

27st October 2023

Golden Autumn Festival

26th-27th October 2023

Teacher-Parents Conferences

Autumn Break: 1st-5th November 2023 (5 days) 

           Cambridge pathway: 30th October - 5th November 2023 (7 days)


10th November 2023

Spelling Bee

13th November 2023

World Kindness Day

26th September - 14th November 2023

COBIS Design & Technology Competition

16th November 2023

COBIS Art Competition 

13th-17th November 2023

International Education Week

19th November 2023 

English Language Olympiad

20th-24th November 2023

Math week



1st-3rd December 2023

COBIS Virtual Debates Competition 

4th-10th December 2023

History Week

10th December 2023

Human Rights Day

15th December 2023

School Charity Fair/ Christmas Bake Sale 

16th December 2023

Christmas Jumper Day

18th-22nd December 2023

Traditional Christmas songs festival

19th December 2023

Heritage Christmas Programme  (Primary)

21st December 2023

Winter Ball (Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary)

22nd December 2023

Boarding School Visit

Winter Break: 23rd December 2023 - 8th January 2024 



09.01.2024 - 31.05.2024


9th January 2024

Resumption for the Second Semester

10th-15th January 2024

Romanian Language Week  

15th January 2024

National Culture Day 

23rd January 2024

International Handwriting Day

23rd-26th January 2024

Arts Week   

25th January 2024

Talent Hunt Primary School

26th January 2024

Talent Hunt Secondary School

27th January 2024

Holocaust Remembrance Day



1st February 2024

World Read Aloud Day

6th February 2024

Safer Internet Day

9-11 February 2024 

COBIS Music Festival 

9h February 2024

“A Level” Mindset Day

12th -16th February 2024

Literature week

16th February 2024

Readers Cup 

19th -23rd February 2024

German Language Week 

21st February 2024

UN International Mother Language Day

24th-26th February 2024

COBIS Virtual Debate Competition



1st March 2024

Heritage Spring Fest

1st March 2024 

COBIS Eco Film Awards 

4th March 2024

Movie Night Primary School

1st-7th March 2024

Festival of Tales

5th-6th March 2024

Teacher-Parents Conferences

  Spring Break:  8th March-12th March 2024 (5 days)


13th March 2024

Movie Night Lower Secondary School 

15th March 2024

Movie Night Upper Secondary School  

15th March 2024

Heritage Film Festival  

18th-22nd March 2024

French language week

20th March 2024

International Francophonie Day   

20th March 2024

International Day of Happiness

21st March 2024

World Storytelling Day, World Poetry Day  

18th – 24th March 2024

Global Money Week

22nd March 2024

World Water Day 

23rd March 2024

World Maths Day

24th March 2024

Enterprise Day



5th April 2024 

World Scholars’ Cup

15th-19th April 2024

Science Week

18th April 2024

Heritage Science Exhibition

19th April 2024

Balloon Car Race

22nd April 2024

Earth Day

23rd April 2024

World Book Day / Shakespeare Day

23rd April 2024

UN English Language Day

April - May 2024 Environmental Campaign

 Easter Break: 4th-13th May 2024 (10 days)


 1st May 2024 Public holiday (day off)
3rd May 2024

“A Level” Mindset Day

6th-10th May 2024

Teacher Appreciation Week

10th May 2024

Spelling Bee 

13th-20th May 2024

 World Mental Health Week

15th May 2024 

International Family Day

17th May 2024

eTwinning Day 2024 

13th-17th May 2024

Heritage Sports Week/Heritage Chess Championship

17th May 2024

Heritage Sports Day

20th-24th May 2024

Outdoor Classroom Week

27th May 2024

Founders’ Day

31st May 2024

Heritage Award Ceremony & International Day


Autumn break: 01.11-05.11.2023 (5 days) / 30.10-05.11.2023 (7 days Cambridge pathway)

Christmas break: 23.12.2023 -08.01.2024 (17 days)

Spring break: 08.03-12.03.2024 (5 days)

Easter break: 04.05-13.05.2024 (10 days)


*Tentative CAIE Exams Dates: 

Checkpoint (Primary/ Lower Secondary): April 2024

IGCSE / GCE AS and A Level: April 2024 - June 2024

*Note: The exact dates for the examinations will be confirmed by CAIE in mid-November 2023

Academic Calendar 2023-2024