Bilingual Pathway Gymnasium covers learning from Class 5 to Class 9 respectively. During those years the learners will be covering the standards recommended by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova which have been blended with the international standards in Science, Mathematics and English as prescribed by Cambridge International. Therefore the learners will cover the studies recommended for students in international schools combined with those of the local curriculum.

Cambridge International program
The Cambridge International program provides students with a balanced training, including both compulsory subjects and disciplines that students choose (optional subject choice offered at Upper Secondary level) and which allow them to shape a personalized learning path. The curriculum is aligned with the principles and methods of teaching in the UK, therefore children benefit from studying through a well-balanced curriculum in English, through educational projects, extracurricular activities, international exchanges and many others. This provides the learners with academic training, an effective approach, rich life experiences, valuable multicultural exchanges, and academic success, both in the national and international education systems.
Cambridge International is founded on core values which develop certain attributes in the learners: confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged.
Heritage teachers have access to all Cambridge resources and continuous professional development at an international level. Professional training, British textbooks and the experience of international teachers allow the creation of real opportunities for students.

Cambridge qualifications at Heritage
Heritage offers a complete Cambridge educational pathway. Learners study the Cambridge curriculum and at every stage they take examinations to receive the following qualifications:

At the end of the Upper Secondary stage, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is awarded. During this program, students study a minimum of 5 subjects, but usually 8-11 subjects, including English and Mathematics, take exams in each discipline and, thus, obtain the IGCSE certificate. Cambridge IGCSE is the most popular international qualification in education for children aged 14-16.
After IGCSE, students will continue their high school studies with the Cambridge International A Level program.

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