7 reasons to register your child for Heritage International Summer Camp 2022


7 reasons to register your child for Heritage International Summer Camp 2022

03 June 2022

Heritage International Summer Camp returns with a new, more interesting and attractive concept. Five completely different thematic sessions, where children can feel at ease, doing exactly what they like. Heritage invites all children between the ages of 7 and 13, from any school and from any country, speaking Romanian, Russian or English, to choose the session or sessions that are most compatible with their personality and to enjoy this unique experience.

What does this year's Summer Camp include?

1. Various sessions with themes for all tastes“Harry Potter”, “Survivor”, “A ticket to…”, “Pop Star Dance” and “Inside out” contain the essence of children's preferences. Whether they have a passion for dance, music, magic, travel, or survival techniques, participants will have a cool adventure, with many stories to tell for a long time from now on.

2. Interactive games and intellectual challenges – in addition to having great fun, children will also learn new things through play, while developing their skills, team spirit and creativity.

3. Enriching their knowledge of English – even if they are in the Romanian, Russian or English speaking groups, the little ones will interact with each other and have common activities, therefore, they will communicate in English, having the opportunity to substantially improve their level.

4. Sports and fun outdoor activities – no day without exercise! Children's overflowing energy must be consumed in ways that are most beneficial to them, and they always enjoy sports or other popular childhood games.

5. Trips full of suspense – each session will include at least one trip, depending on the chosen theme, and the necessary equipment is provided. The little explorers will either discover treasures and secret places in the city, learn survival techniques, or spend a day or night camping.

6. Delicious meals (breakfast, lunch and snack) – Heritage values the well-being and health of the participants, that is why meals and snacks are always carefully prepared from fresh ingredients. Children will enjoy every meal, especially since so many activities will drain their energy, and they will need nutrients and vitamins.

7. Swimming pool, sun and cheerfulness – probably the children's favourite part. Splashing and summer heat are the ingredients that can't miss from a summer camp to their taste. A daily dose will relax them and keep them in a good mood. All this – under the supervision of the swimming coach, of course.

Moreover, the sessions have specific variations, which complement the advantages mentioned above. See the presentation of the Summer Camp with a detailed description of each session, as well as all the necessary information about the dates, rates and how to register at www.heritage.md/en/school/summer-camp.

You can also contact the school directly at +373 620 222 10, summer.school@heritage.md and Facebook page.

Choose your child's favourite session and sign up now!

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