Heritage hosted the “World Scholar's Cup” 2024 international competition, where more than 260 students from all over the country participated


Heritage hosted the “World Scholar's Cup” 2024 international competition, where more than 260 students from all over the country participated

04 April 2024

Heritage International School hosted for the fourth time the regional stage of the “World Scholar's Cup” competition on March 30, 2024, gathering over 260 participants from schools in Moldova. To our delight, the teams were very well prepared and showed outstanding skills, but also team spirit, ingenuity and competitiveness.

Inga Chiosa, Heritage Deputy Director: “We are glad to see such a great interest from students in this international competition which tests their intellectual skills and general knowledge. It is an honour to be able to welcome to Heritage, for the fourth time, schools from all over Moldova to take part in WSC. Congratulations to our students who have qualified for the final and we wish them the best of luck in the Global Rounds!”

Out of all Heritage students who participated, 23 teams qualified for this year's Global Rounds, which will be held in multiple cities such as: Baku (Azerbaijan), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Stockholm (Sweden), Seoul (South Korea), Dalian (China), Bangkok (Thailand), Auckland (New Zealand) or Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Finalists will be able to go to one of these Global Rounds.

Stefan Jurca, student: “I think the World Scholar's Cup was so fun! I really loved the debate.”

Oryna Danyliuk, student: “I absolutely loved it! WSC is very fun, gives you a delightful experience and an opportunity to learn new things. All events were interesting and gave a lot of positive emotions! Completely worth waking up early on Saturday!”

Ștefan-Victor Drăgușin, student: “WSC was a wonderful event for everyone. It was a fun, brain-squeezing and a very worthwhile experience.”

Leon Tserulnik, student: “The World Scholar's Cup was fun, I truly enjoyed it, I liked the debate event and the alpaca giveaway.”

The event was full of suspense and excitement and the best participants were awarded cups and medals. To see what the atmosphere was like, check the photo album at this link: https://www.heritage.md/ro/gallery-page/world-scholar-s-cup-2024

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