Heritage International School is expanding – lyceum students will continue their studies at global standards in the new wing of the school


Heritage International School is expanding – lyceum students will continue their studies at global standards in the new wing of the school

27 September 2023

Yesterday was the launch event of the new wing of Heritage International School. More than 80 lyceum students will continue their studies here, who upon graduation will take the “A Level” exams and obtain the globally recognized Cambridge qualifications, giving them access to more than 1,400 universities in 195 countries. The high school stage, which includes the “Cambridge International AS & A Level” curriculum, was introduced in 2020, and until now, lyceum students were learning in the main school building.

The new wing of the school was thought and built from the desire of the founders Natalia Cecetova and Sinan Bora to delimit the spaces between the small and older classes as good as possible, so that each student could learn in an environment suitable for his age, the classrooms being properly equipped and with a personalized design according to the subject studied.

Natalia Cecetova, Co-founder of Heritage International School: “Today we celebrate the opening of our Lyceum and Heritage is not just a school, is a centre of learning and the symbol of our commitment to education and progress. By providing a worldclass Cambridge education we are extending the horizons and opening the doors to a future filled with opportunities for the young people. The Lyceum is a symbol of our dedication to a brighter future for Moldova. We hope our students will become the change makers, the innovators, and the leaders that our country needs.”

Rob Ford, CEO & Director of Heritage International School: “I would like to thank the founders and all of those being part of this, believing in us and making sure that we work together to make this school stand for something good in education for the young people not just in Moldova, but also around the world. Our ambition is to be one of the best schools in Europe, and with this Lyceum we are on our way of doing that as well.”

The new wing of the school covers an area of ​​1500 sqm, with a capacity of around 150 students. Classrooms have been designed and equipped differently, specifically to fit the needs of high school students, and they will also benefit from dedicated individual/group study areas. The rooms are equipped with modern furniture, interactive boards, personal lockers, computers, wi-fi and many other facilities.

Radu, A Level student, Heritage Lyceum: “A Level means advanced level and it is a wonderful system that lets you choose your own pathway. It is the perfect tool to teach you what you want to be taught, not to learn something that you are not really fond of. It helps you evolve to something better. This is one of the biggest benefits – that is lets you find yourself more and pave something that you really like. The expanding of Heritage is a very big advancement in the school’s history and it is impressive.”

Bogdana, AS Level student, Heritage Lyceum: “I really like the endless opportunities that Heritage provides, and that you can get involved in so many extracurricular activities and projects which allow you interact with people all over the world. The new Lyceum building gives us a more private space. I think the A Level system helps students benefit from a flexible education, by choosing 4 subjects that they like, making the whole learning process a lot more enjoyable and with higher chances of achieving the results they want.”

Founded in 2017, Heritage International School set out from the very beginning to be a new and unique educational hub in Moldova, and bring global standards here. Shortly after its opening, it became the first and only Cambridge School in our country, offering a truly valuable international academic pathway.

During its 6 years of activity, Heritage has achieved numerous international awards and distinctions, such as “British Council's International School Award”, “eTwinning School Label 2023-2024”, “Climate Action School”, “Global School Alliance Silver Award”, “LEGO Build the Change Showcase School”. Moreover, the school is also a member of the international community: “Global School Alliance”, “COBIS”, “ECIS”, demonstrating an impressive progress thanks to the joint efforts of its team of professional and involved people, but also of the students who achieve absolutely outstanding results.

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