Parents and children are invited for presentation tours of the only Cambridge School in Moldova


Parents and children are invited for presentation tours of the only Cambridge School in Moldova

14 April 2023

After 3 years in which Heritage International School opened its doors to its visitors only virtually, this year it returns with physical presentation tours as part of its “Open House” annual event. It will take place on April 29, 2023 and will offer visitors scheduled individual tours. The event is dedicated to parents looking to provide their children with a global education, according to international curriculums, but also to those who would like to explore the facilities of the only Cambridge School in Moldova.

At the event, visitors will discover what the school looks like and how the classrooms, laboratories, sports halls, dance and music halls, cafeteria are equipped. They will also learn about the study programs, where the Preschool and Primary school follow the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), the Gymnasium combines the Cambridge International curriculum with the national program, and the Lyceum students get the Cambridge AS & A Level qualifications.

At the same time, the visitors will discover the advantages of an international education and globally recognized Cambridge qualifications, but also the benefits for students and the skills they develop at Heritage. Moreover, during the tours, they will have the opportunity to speak with Director Robert Ford and the school’s leadership team.

Robert Ford, CEO & Director of Heritage International School: “We are looking forward to welcoming new, prospective families to our school community and invite you to come and see what makes Heritage so unique and special as an international school in Moldova. There is no other school like Heritage in Moldova. Our approach to learning, nurturing, developing children and young people as confident global citizens, with skills, values and qualifications needed for the 2020s and beyond, makes Heritage a school with a strong reputation for innovative education in Europe and internationally.”

The “Open House” will offer visitors the chance to discover the multicultural educational environment in which children develop, especially since teachers and students come from all corners of the world and speak more than 20 languages. Besides, the institution collaborates with various schools and organizations both from Moldova and from all over the globe.

They will also learn about the extracurricular activities, through which students discover their talents and passions. The school provides an academic program that meets the highest standards in education, but also focuses on the multilateral development of students, including creativity, leadership and social skills.

To participate in this event for a tour (free of charge), all you need to do is register in advance at

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