Tatiana Popa is one of the top 20 education influencers worldwide


Tatiana Popa is one of the top 20 education influencers worldwide

11 January 2024

She creates original content and promotes the field of education on social media through interactive materials, while sharing best practices and tips related to digital communication with students and her community. It is about Tatiana Popa, teacher at Heritage, who was recognized globally as an “Edruptor” (International education influencers of the year) of 2023. The teacher, who is also Heritage’s Deputy Academic Director and Head of Global Education, is amongst the 20 winners of this prestigious title from around the world.

Tatiana Popa, Deputy Academic Director and Head of Global Education at Heritage: “I feel honoured to be included in the rating that highlights 20 global education influencers. I also made the top at its first edition in 2021 and, as I follow the works of ISC Research, I understand how valuable this nomination is. I have always been passionate about using technology in education to develop students’ skills for the 21st century, but media education is extremely important as well. Social media can bring great benefits if used correctly. It seems that this title is proof that I know how to use it correctly, to promote good practices in education globally. I am the only person in this top coming from our country, but also the only one from Eastern Europe. It is a joy to put Heritage International School and the Republic of Moldova on the international map of education through original content, appreciated and shared by educators around the world!”


The teacher is certain that social networks are a wonderful tool for connecting and exchanging experiences with other people who have the same interests or similar ideas. In this regard, the community and people she follows are from the same field, and the content they post inspires and motivates her to learn new things.

The award winners are recognized for their profound ability to bring and inspire change in education, but also for sharing their own experiences, examples and advice with their peers.

This year’s list includes teachers, educators, journalists and leaders passionate about international education from countries such as Australia, Scotland, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and others.

“Edruptors” is a ranking conducted by ISC Research, following a study to identify the most influential people in education, whose content is globally appreciated on social media platforms, LinkedIn, and X (Twitter). Both the frequency of the posts and the impact they had on readers, generating shares and reposts, were taken into account.

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