Heritage, invited to World Education Week to share about using new technology in education
13 September 2020

Heritage International School will take part in World Education Week, where will show the entire international community how to integrate technology for learning.

Back to school in the Next Normal: important rules to keep everyone safe
08 September 2020

Students of Heritage International School have started their school year joyfully and, most important, safely, following all the necessary measures, and even keeping the safe physical distance at the

The “Return to School” pledge of the Heritage Community
01 September 2020

"On behalf of our Heritage International School community, I make this pledge to ensure my school community can return for the academic year in a safe and responsible way."

Heritage International School has become part of the Global School Alliance
24 August 2020

Heritage International School is accessing new opportunities. This is the first educational institution in Moldova that has joined the Global School Alliance international community. The project

Heritage reveals new mural as a hopeful statement about starting safely the new academic year 
13 August 2020

Ever since the launch of the “Oak Centre”, we were planning to decorate it with a mural, but now it seemed most fitting as we prepare to return safely to school after the lockdown and months of

Heritage will participate in a global environmental education initiative
04 August 2020

Heritage will participate in the “Climate Action” project – a global environmental education and awareness initiative, launched for the fourth consecutive year worldwide, with the support of

Heritage Director Robert Ford: „We are working hard to make sure that we are back in September fully”
30 July 2020

For the upcoming school year, the school is preparing, based on thorough research and documentation, to get the students back to school safely. We discussed these issues with Robert Ford, a global

Heritage announces the winners of the "Heritage Scholarships" Program 2020-2021
15 July 2020

“Heritage Scholarships” Program has selected its winners. Thus, 9 of the most active and diligent participants, with special academic and extracurricular merits were chosen to continue their studies

“Getting Back to Global for the 2020s” - International Conference by Heritage
10 July 2020

On the 14th of July, Heritage International School, with the support of the British Council, is organising an international online conference entitled “Getting Back to Global for the 2020s” tackling