Mission and vision

Mission and vision

Our Founders’ Vision for the School, The Heritage Hope:

Preparing students for the challenges of the future… A dream of an international school that will give the children of our country the atmosphere of an alternative, progressive, modern educational institution.

Our Belief:
Heritage International School, as an all-through international school, is founded on the belief that children have the right to an education, which will develop and engage each child’s critical thinking, emotional intelligence, resilience, wisdom and self-expression, preparing such a child to make meaningful contributions to the world, to become future leaders and confident global citizens in their local and global societies.

Our Mission:
At Heritage we create a warm, safe, caring, supportive and stimulating child-centred learning environment, underpinned by effective school systems and our global values, where all learners are treated with love and respect. Our school believes in the central importance of promoting understanding and respect for each family’s cultural heritage, so that they are confident in both local identity and diversity, as well as a global citizen in the international, interdependent world. Heritage International School’s outstanding teaching and learning engages, challenges and develops each student through highly qualified, dedicated, experienced and professional staff. We believe in the intellectual, emotional, social, physical, digital and moral development of our students through our education. We develop in our learners the life skills, leadership, social responsibility and resilience to set realistic goals, meet challenges ahead of them and aspire to high standards of performance and self-conduct in their community. Heritage is an international school, proud to be in Moldova and working with our country at a national level but also working with schools and organisations in Moldova and around the globe, using technology confidently, to connect and bring the world into classrooms daily as we prepare our students for the 2020s and beyond. We are based on international curriculum, as an English medium school, but also offering Romanian and Russian in the local curriculum alongside. This results in the upbringing of individuals who love learning and are culturally aware and internationally-minded, prepared for success beyond school - at university, in careers and in life.

Our Values:
The vision of Heritage International School is the development of the whole child and the creation of individuals who are life-long learners, creative, active, socially and emotionally balanced, and who have the intellectual, physical and moral ability to be independent, responsible and actively contributing members of society. Such individuals will embrace the principles of high self-esteem and integrity, working together and supporting one another in a cohesive international school community so that they become visionaries and leaders in order to make lasting and positive contributions to the world.