Our school history

Our school history

Heritage International School has a very meaningful and rich history. The first ideas about a new and unique educational center in Moldova appeared in 2008. The founders and investors – Natalia Cecetova, mother of 3 children and a successful businesswoman in the field of education (“Inventor” – Children's Education and Development Center), but also involved in other areas, such as medicine and wine industry, and Sinan Bora – a visionary businessman with various thriving businesses from medicine (“Medpark International Hospital”) to education and HoReCa, did research and came to the conclusion that the young generations of the country needed a friendly school with an international curriculum and recognition, with access to the global community. And they decided to create this school for their own children and the children of Moldova. The total value of investments in this project amounted to 10 million euros.

After the location was chosen, the concept and design for the future school were created by dedicated professionals and renowned architects. The founders thought this project down to the smallest details and they wanted to make sure it would be the best choice for learners, parents and the whole community – a children-centred school that would first and foremost teach them how to deal with life’s challenges by developing social skills and abilities. Thus, in 2016 the cornerstones for the school had been laid. 

Natalia Cecetova, Co-founder: My and Mr. Bora's dream – to set up an international school in my hometown, which would give children the atmosphere of a progressive and modern educational institution – has become a reality. The main project of my life: Heritage – a modern, innovative school, where children receive an education appropriate to today's reality, an internationally competitive school that will develop personalities. Heritage is the main investment in the future of our children.”

Sinan Bora, Co-founder: “I am proud to be a part of this beautiful initiative. Heritage International School is a project of social-corporate responsibility, which will contribute to the development of the educational system of the Republic of Moldova and its alignment with international standards.”

The Grand Opening took place in August 2017, when the new school was unveiled in the presence of a very enthusiastic crowd: the founders, special guests, including an IPC representative, teachers, parents and, of course, children. The facilities include classrooms, laboratories (Chemistry, Physics and Natural Sciences), computer rooms, language rooms, music hall, art studio, library, sports hall, choreographic hall, canteen, cafeteria, sick bay, recreational area with playground, swimming pool and a robotics lab. The building and the surrounding area covering 7500 square meters were designed as an inclusive facility, offering special provisions for children with lower mobility, who use wheelchairs. All the rigors and standards for an international school have been met, the safety of children being a priority.

In September 2017, the first international school established in Moldova opened its doors to the first students, who were to learn in this special environment, following a unique mixed curriculum: national and IPC (International Primary Curriculum) for the Primary; national and Cambridge International for the Gymnasium.

Only one year after the launch, Heritage became the first and only Cambridge School in Moldova. The prestigious status from Cambridge Assessment International Education, brought valuable opportunities to the children in Moldova interested in an international academic pathway. This means that Heritage not only teaches learners in line with the Cambridge curriculum, but also became an assessment centre, where learners can take the official tests and get their Cambridge qualifications, which open doors to the world’s best universities.

In 2019 the “Heritage Scholarships” program was launched. Each year it offers 8 students from any school, with outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements, the opportunity to study at Heritage International School with a 100% tuition fee waiver and attend the Heritage extracurricular clubs free of charge.

Robert Ford, a global educator from the UK, having an experience of over 25 years, joined Heritage the same year and took the lead as the Director of the school, pledging to take Heritage global. His vision and forward thinking led Heritage to thoroughly prepare at the beginning of the pandemic with specific procedures and trainings, therefore, when the lockdown hit, not a single day of school was missed, keeping students engaged throughout the whole remote learning period. The “Heritage Distance Learning Plan” became a model for the Moldovan Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, for other schools in the country and for international schools abroad as well. Director Ford was invited to speak about the Heritage DLP in international conferences and events and share the school performance during the pandemic with other global educators.

The “Founders’ Lecture Series” program was another unique initiative implemented by Robert Ford, that connects students and teachers to the world of education and to real life examples. Dozens of guests from different fields, such as ambassadors, experts, principals, managers, teachers etc. have shared their stories and insights with our students, stimulating their ambition and creativity. The program keeps fulfilling the vision of the Founders – contributes to preparing Heritage students for the challenges of the future and raising the next global citizens.

Besides being the only Cambridge School in Moldova, Heritage has also:

  • been chosen to host the regional round of the international academic competition “World Scholar’s Cup” for three years in a row, bringing together hundreds of learners, teachers, judges and volunteers from all over the country;
  • received the British Council’s International School Award, an accreditation scheme rewarding the schools with a notable global element in their curriculum;
  • joined the Global School Alliance international community, a project that brings together on the same platform over 180 active members from 50 countries around the world, who aim to transform education globally;
  • been awarded the eTwinning School Label 20202021, for being a model in areas such as: digital practices, online safety practices, innovative and creative approaches in pedagogy, promotion of continuous professional development of teachers and promotion of collaborative learning practices for teachers and students;
  • become an accredited and compliant member of The Council of British International Schools (COBIS) – an association that represents more than 450 highquality schools and organisations globally, which educate over 150,000 students and employ more than 30,000 teachers in 80 countries, providing a wide range of services and resources to the international schools sector.

The most recent event within the school, unfolding this year, is the launch of the Lyceum, which is the only one in Moldova offering Cambridge International AS & A Level curriculum and qualifications – a “ticket” to over 1400 higher institutions across 195 countries, including top-ranking and Ivy League universities.

Founders’ Mission and Vision for the Heritage International School are aligned with the values by which the whole Heritage Community is guided: adaptability, communication, cooperation, morality, resilience, respect, thoughtfulness and international mindedness. This is Heritage. The future begins here!