The “Heritage Scholarships” Program

The “Heritage Scholarships” Program

Every academic year, Heritage International School launches for  its pupils the fantastic opportunity to win a scholarship. The students who acquire this scholarship get an exemption (100% discount) on the tuition fees, and for one entire academic year, they will study the full Heritage academic program and attend the Heritage extracurricular clubs free of charge.

Heritage Scholarships” is an annual competition for students going into the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grade, with excellent academic records.

To apply to the “Heritage Scholarships” Program, students should:

  • be already Heritage students;
  • be citizens of the Republic of Moldova;
  •  be speakers of Romanian, Russian or English, students who are going to study in the 7th, 8th or 9th grade in the following academic year; or be English speakers, students who are going to study in the 10th grade in the next academic year;
  •  have a very good academic record (average grade for the last 2 years should not be less than 9.5);
  • present confirmations of participation in various academic activities (Olympics, national and international competitions);
  • have a rich extracurricular activity, including participation in various volunteer activities, which can be confirmed by official documents;
  • speak English at an advanced level.

Participants will submit the documents online, by sending the complete file to the e-mail address Their application file should contain personal documents, confirmatory evidence of academic success, extraordinary academic and non-educational achievements and letter of intent.

After submitting the application, selected candidates will be invited for an interview with the Heritage school board, where they will answer a series of questions about themselves, their interests, their extra-curricular activities or others.

Robert Ford, Director of Heritage International School: “Heritage International School has undertaken to provide the best international education here in the country. We apply learning through critical thinking to make the world less abstract, to help students broaden their horizons and think internationally, thus preparing them for the challenges of the future and to become the future leaders of tomorrow. With our unique approach, we align the education in the Republic of Moldova to the highest world standards, and in the next school year we will further expand our global curriculum and our educational opportunities. Through ‘Heritage Scholarships’ Program we want our talented students to be able to experience an authentic international experience, that makes this school truly remarkable in Moldova, in Europe and in our global community.”

The scholarship is valid for one academic year. Beneficiaries will be able to maintain their scholarships for the following years of study by annually reconfirming their academic and extracurricular success (by presenting confirmatory documents) and complying with the competition conditions for each year of study.