Enrichment activities play a great part in our educational process. Clubs for all levels hold at the later part of the day.
Сlubs from the areas of education, sport and the arts are free. In addition we provide paid-up clubs such as LEGO Education. 
Sport houses in the school are divided into three teams: yellow, blue and orange. Each team will represent a cross-section of learners from all grades. This is done in order for the children to engage in whole-school sport events during the Sport Day and to exhibit their sport and team skills. Therefore, each child will be issued a sport T-shirt based on his or her representing a school team.

Educational clubs
MATHEMATICS (ENG, ROM, RUS) The main benefit of the Math Club is the learning experience and supportive environment provided to the student. The main focus is placed on gradual pr...
Arts and creative activities
ARTS (ENG, ROM, RUS) The students are encouraged to express their thoughts through art and discover their individuality. Art education teaches students how to interpret, criticize, and use v...
Sports clubs
GYMNASTICS (ENG, ROM, RUS)  Gymnastics classes develop coordination and flexibility and skills to enhance other athletic sports. Gymnastics develops the students...