Interview with Rose Moran, the Head of Heritage Lyceum


Interview with Rose Moran, the Head of Heritage Lyceum

03 February 2022

What is the most practical, useful aspect of the A Level system, which makes it unique for the Moldovan educational landscape?


Rose Moran: "The Cambridge International AS and A Level qualifications allow students to study a comparatively small number of subjects compared to other post-16 qualifications. This smaller focus allows students to explore their chosen subjects in depth which ultimately gives them a sophisticated, deep and thorough understanding, ready for university or wherever else they decide to go."


How would you recommend students to choose the subjects depending on the career they want to pursue? Are there any essential subjects?

Rose Moran: "The subjects a student chooses are entirely their choice and if a student knows what they would like to study at university, then they should research the qualifications required in order to gain entry onto a course - these are known as ‘entry requirements’. For example, many engineering courses require Mathematics; many medical courses require Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. If a student is undecided about what they would like to study at university, we recommend choosing what are known as ‘facilitating subjects’. These include: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Literature, Geography, History, Maths and further maths, Modern languages, Classical languages – many of which we offer at Heritage Lyceum."

Are there mandatory subjects taught at A Level? And which subjects are different, unique to the A-Level curriculum, available at Heritage?

Rose Moran: "There are no mandatory subjects at A Level and this is one of its major appeals; students are free to choose and explore their interests. In addition to our strong, more ‘traditional’ subjects such as English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Art and Design and more, we also currently offer Law, Sociology, Travel and Tourism, Information Technology and Computer Science, amongst others."

Why should a student choose the A Level system over the national Baccalaureate?

Rose Moran: "Our students do NOT go through the national baccalaureate system, but pass only the Cambridge International AS and A-Levels examinations. This way, graduates do not get a national diploma, but an international one, which opens many doors for them, being a globally recognized and highly regarded qualification, readily accepted by the World’s leading institutions in Canada, the U.K, the US, Germany, Netherlands and many more."

What qualities should a student possess to successfully get the A Level qualifications?

Rose Moran: "Studying for the Cambridge International AS and A Level is academically rigorous and students need to be dedicated, hard-working and self-disciplined in order to achieve the goals they set for themselves."

How can students be admitted to Heritage Lyceum?

Rose Moran: "After a student has submitted his/her application: the application itself and previous grades are considered before the student is invited for an interview with the Academic Director and Head of Lyceum. During this interview, students will be given the opportunity to talk about their academic performance and their reason for wanting to join our Cambridge International AS and A Level programme."


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